I am old enough to remember when Englehart was a single building entity and I bought a bike from them in the early days. What a pleasant experience we had when we purchased a nice used Moto Guzzi last Saturday. A new College Grad and beginning rider will cherish this one. We were all very pleased with the purchase experience. No high pressure sales or imaginary finance office confusion. John and were very kind and very knowledgeable. Both super helpful and straightforward when answering our questions. We bought a jacket, gloves, and other accessories from Kory who is a real nice young man and treated us to a nice discount, carried our accessory billing over toAlissa in finance so that we could write one check for bike and all. How nice! Alissa was very efficient and fun, she and John working behind the scenes to complete our paperwork so we could finish swiftly and go riding. Tym went the extra mile by instructing us on how and where to maintain the bike. A very fun buying experience. Thank you all for treating us so nicely. (Employee: John Gagen, Kory Wells, Alissa Lorenz, TYMOTHY WILLIAMS)
Irv Eichorst
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